Marantz Pro Dual Cassette Recorder/Player with USB

Marantz Pro Dual Cassette Recorder/Player with USB

Marantz Pro PMD-300CP
Dual cassette recorder/player featuring two dubbing speeds, normal and high bias playback and record modes, and USB output to digitize tape contents to computer.


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Marantz Pro Dual Cassette Recorder/Player with USB

The Marantz Professional PMD-300CP is a full-sized dual cassette deck for use with component stereo systems or installation. May be used with or without rack mount ears that come with the equipment. Two DC servo motors ensure stable, consistent speed for accurate recording and playback. Play and record normal and high bias tapes. Record tape to tape, external source to tape, or from tape to computer using USB connection and Marantz software. This is the ideal unit to convert a valuable cassette tape collection into digital files.

Main Features:
• Dual-well recorder/player
• Cassette dubbing from A to B
• Real-time or high-speed dubbing options
• Digitally backup tapes to computer via USB using tape converter software
(available at
• Dynamic Noise Reduction option
• Normal and Cr02 tape supported
• USB and RCA cables included

Additional information

Weight 13.00 lbs
Dimensions 19.00 x 12.50 x 8.75 in