Pro Disc 16X Silver Ink Jet Hub Printable DVD-R

Pro Disc 16X Silver Ink Jet Hub Printable DVD-R

Pro Disc General Purpose Silver Ink Jet DVD-R, 4.7 Gb, 1X-16X speed
Package quantity 50. Carton quantity 500


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Spindle of 50 14.50
Carton of 500 (0.26 per disc) 130.00/ctn
10 Cartons or more (0.24 per disc) 120.00/ctn
The newest Prodisc DVD-R 4.7 GB General Ver. 2.0 has recently been certified from the Class A Lab. This proclaims that the quality of Prodisc’s DVD-R has been proven by the world-class organization.
Recognition from the Pioneer Class A Lab requires passing more than 100 strict inspections on the product as well as the manufacturing processes. So far, only few DVD-R manufacturers who are capable of passing the various Pioneer examinations are qualified for this recognition.
Sold in spindles of 50
Minimum purchase 1 spindle.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 11 x 7 in