Cassette Artwork Guidelines

  • For your artwork to print properly on the cassette shell, and for J-Cards and O-Cards to fit correctly, it is necessary for you to use the templates supplied by National Audio Company.
  • AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, JPEG and TIFF files are acceptable (CS6-compatible or lower).
  • We recommend using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to place your artwork into the templates. In Illustrator, convert all fonts to outlines. In Photoshop, select text layers and “Convert to Shape”. (Some text and layer effects may be lost when converting to paths, but most special effects — like drop shadow, emboss or glow effects — will not print well on cassette shells.)
  • For CASSETTE IMPRINTS work in the Gray Scale mode or use only the black channel (K) for everything that is to be printed in ink. Only “Line Art” can be imprinted, meaning all ink areas must be completely black against a white (non-print) background. The line art will be used to make a single-color plate to imprint the cassette shell.
  • Eliminate unused layers in files or flatten the artwork EXCLUDING THE LINES OF THE TEMPLATE if they contact the art. Hiding the template before flattening prevents the template lines from becoming part of your artwork.
  • Using Photoshop for your text may result in compromised print quality. To retain smooth lines in your Photoshop text and avoid missing font issues, use “Convert to Shape” on your text layers to convert them to paths. Be aware that some effects on text layers will be lost with this method. If sending a flattened image (JPEG, TIFF, etc.),
  • 600ppi is the minimum resolution for imprint graphics. 1200 is recommended, especially if design contains small type or fine detail.
  • For best legibility, use font sizes no smaller than 6 pt. Lines in your text or graphics that have a thickness of less than approximately 0.5 points (approximately 0.2 mm) may not print, and gaps smaller than this thickness may fill in with ink.
  • Large areas of solid color will not print consistently and should be avoided. Limit your design to 40% or less ink coverage in the print area. Images that extend from edge to edge of the template area are discouraged. Artwork that requires full-face printing can be produced on our laser printed label sheets instead of imprinting.
  • Tonal ranges (grays) will be converted to a dot or line screen. Lighter than 20% may be lost, and darker than 80% may fill in to solid ink.

Download Imprint Templates

Download J-Card Templates

Download O-Card Templates