Cassette Manufacture

NAC has always been proud to say our cassettes are made in the USA. For decades National Audio has assembled and loaded custom lengths of cassette tapes using domestic and imported parts. We have been a service for library systems and education producing books, magazines and tests on cassette. When large audio production houses and music labels stopped producing cassettes, National Audio began accumulating equipment to become the largest duplicator of music recordings on tape as well.

Soon new capabilities will be added so the magnetic tape itself will also be manufactured here in our facility in Springfield, Missouri, USA. The sources for the tape we have used over the years no longer exist, so we have purchased the necessary equipment, learned to use it, and renovated a dedicated floor of our historic building to the manufacture of the highest quality ferric magnetic tape possible. Our engineers are refining the formulas in our lab and testing the process. Watch for the results in new products to be released in the near future.
Along with the tapes themselves, our departments also imprint and label the cassettes, and our departments produce the printing for packaging, including Braille labels and mailing services. We have made private label packaged cassettes for several major brands. Call us for more information 417-863-1925.