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National Audio can work with almost any kind of media or digital audio file as the original for duplication. The most professional quality is achieved if you send .wav files that sound exactly as you like. The audio engineers at NAC make slight adjustments to make your recording sound its best on cassette tape. For more specific information click here.

Our turn-around time for cassette duplication orders is generally three to four weeks from the time we have received all the elements of your project: The three required forms, your audio master, and your album art files.

Rush orders are not available, but if you have deadline requirements call Customer Service to ask if your delivery date can be met.

Within a few days of the receipt of your project forms and files National Audio will email you a PayPal invoice which can be paid with PayPal or a major credit card. You must pay the invoice before we begin work on your project.

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NAC Duplication Guidelines
– a PDF document of instructions containing links to all forms and templates.

Imprint & Label Templates
– direct link to the imprint and label template page.

J-Card Templates and O-Card Templates
– direct link to the J-Card, U-Card and O-Card template page.

Audacity Tutorial
– a PDF document of instructions on how to use Audacity.

iTunes Tutorial
– a PDF document of instructions on how to use iTunes.




Morrison Agen   

just wanted to let you know that i got the sweet sweet package of 100 pink
cassettes in the mail!
cannot wait to get on distributing these gems.
they sound great and look even better.
...yet another satisfied customer!

josh rogers   

Just got tapes in other day, and the Tapes look amazing! Thank you so much for helping me out! I will for sure do more projects through you guys in future 🙂

Trey Hanawalt   

just wanted to say thanks to you, kind tricia and the NAC, for the prompt
and courteous service. always.
the luxury/saint split cassette came with all of the right adjustments.
you always take care of your loyal customers.


ps. also thanks for the bonus walkman.
they really come in handy for my promotional tables i set up for people to
hear what it is that i do.


josh rogers   

These look and sound so amazing! Thank you. We'll definitely be working together in the future.

Nolan Smock   

the tapes look great. I'll be sending more projects in the future.

Ian Thompsen   

The packages arrived safe and sound on Friday. They look and sound unbelievably good. Thank you so much for your hard work and patience with us!

You guys are truly the best.

Crawford Philleo   

We just wanted to say that your mastering department did a very excellent job putting this to tape. We are VERY happy with the way everything sounds, please pass a big THANK YOU over to them, we appreciate the attention to detail!!!
Thanks so much!
Dave Rucinski

Gubbey Records   

THANKS! (Death Valley Wolfriders - Play For Blood)

I received my shipment of tapes today, and I can't get over how incredible they look and sound. I know this album is pretty out there, but you guys have absolutely exceeded my expectations with your whole package, and I just really wanted to say thanks!

I'll definitely be sending referrals your way; several fellow musicians have already expressed jealousy over my awesome tape :).

Working with you and your team has been a wonderful experience. I very much look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Thanks again,
-Nathan Gearhart

Nathan Gearhart   

Everything came on time and looked, sounded just right. Thank you and your creative team from a grateful us.
Looking forward to calling again, soon.

Coy Campbell King   

Hi! We actually received the tapes a little over a week ago. We are SO incredibly pleased with these! Your team did wonderfully and we've been singing NAC's praises all 'round town.

Kenneth Parker, Glossolalia Records   

They are beautiful and sound magnificent! Thank you again, so much!

Damian Master   

We just wanted to say that your mastering department did a very excellent job putting this to tape. We are VERY happy with the way everything sounds, please pass a big THANK YOU over to them, we appreciate the attention to detail!!!
Thanks so much!
Dave Rucinski

Gubbey Records   

I just want to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful service. I received my order last week and they're perfect. The overall quality, from packaging to production, is outstanding. Thank you. We will certainly use you again in the future and refer your services to our constituents.



I wanted to tell you what an amazing job you guys did with the O-card Cassettes , they look and sound great and got here on time !
Thanks for rushing the order and the awesome work 😉

Greg Alvarez   

I received the Glock tapes the middle of last week. They turned out great! Thanks a ton again! Looking forward to working on future projects with you guys soon.

Dan M.

Dan McCoy   

Thank you!! You guys have nothing but a great reputation and I can't say anything but the same. Awesome info .pdf with everything to place the order, fast clear response to questions, well done site w/ extra info... you guys rock.

Mario Viele   

Received the tapes yesterday they look fantastic! They turned out exactly as I wanted them to.
Great job to everyone for the high quality production work!

Nathan Cook   

Hi! The tapes came 2 days ago and they look and sound great! Thank you for such a positive and easy experience. If we want to get more tapes made down the road of this same recording, is that something you keep on file?

Gavin Tucker   

Many great thanks to the amazing staff at NAC!! We are so happy with the sound and look of our new cassette release. So are our listeners, we sold out of our first order in one week. We WILL be re-ordering...

Also, we were VERY pleased with the hi-fidelity results of the ChromePlus tape. Amazing sounding tape. Our music features a plethora of vintage instruments Hammond Organ, Gibsons, Marshalls, Sunn amps ARP & Moog Synthesizers, and Mellotrons. This tape was PERFECT for all of these sounds as well as vocals and drums all coming through. I am SO pleased with the mastering of the recording,
Everyone at NAC rocks. Looking forward to doing many more releases with you.


Adam Smith   

Oh my godddd!
These came in today and they are absolutely AMAZING!
I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this, and making it turn out as incredible as it did! I am working on a few more releases right now, and I am definitely coming back to you when I am ready to get these made!
Thanks you so much!

Like Young   

A huge thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very appreciative of how quickly you were able to get that double tape order shipped and ready.
I'm definitely glad to be working with people that are as detailed and wonderful to work with as you are at National. Thanks so much for everything!


Sean Hermann   

Just got my order of chrome #771 cassettes. THEY SOUND GREAT !!
I am enjoying using my deck once again - Thank you NAC and all the people there that make a great product. You have earned the title of "show me state". I am a believer !! I also like the graphics on your paper insert.

Dave in Albuquerque NM

David Rankin   

Just wanted to write you back and let you know how happy we are with the tapes! We received them ahead of schedule and have been in awe of the quality ever since. I really appreciate all of the work that NAC put in and specifically all of the questions you answered for me. If I have any other tape needs in the future, we will definitely be working with you.

Thank you so much!
Cody Rogers

Cody Rogers   

just got the tapes in the mail and wanted to say thanks for everything!
they look and sound incredible! you were a tremendous help with this whole thing and we really appreciate it. It was a pleasure ding biz with ya and a great first experience with professional cassette duplicaiton... will be back soon!

Cory Calvin   

Just got rabbit cradle. You guys do such an incredible job. The sound is perfect and the art looks amazing. Thank you so much!

James Webster   

Hi - Just wanted to thank everybody over there who worked on our first tape! I believe you said your regular turnaround time is 3 weeks, so I definitely appreciate you making it happen in less than 2.
We got the tapes yesterday in time for the show last night and the tour departure today. Thank You!

Nathan Young   

Just wanted to say my Storm Warning tapes came out great! Excellent quality and great customer service, will be back shortly for my next release!


Mike Mendyk   

I received the tapes and they look AMAZING!!!
Thank you for the quick and friendly service.

Utech Records   

We received the cassettes today and couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you all so much! I'm sure we will be working with you in the future.

Thanks again,
Spenser Wolz

Spenser Wolz