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    TASCAM 202MKVII Dual Cassette Recorder with USB

    SKU: Tascam202MK7

    TASCAM’s latest generation of professional cassette recorders. Reliable performance, comprehensive feature set, and audio quality.  An exceptional choice for recording studios, organizations, audio/music enthusiasts, and other professional applications.


    Rear-panel USB output enables recording and archiving cassettes to digital media. The dual twin-head cassette decks can record and play back independently, including simultaneous recording to create two tapes with the same source.

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    Stereo Boombox w/ Cassette, CD & AM/FM Radio

    SKU: BCA206S

    Boombox with CD, Cassette & AM/FM Radio
    GPX’s CD, Cassette, AM/FM Boombox is a classic must-have for all your CD, Cassette, and radio needs. The minimalist design makes this device easy for all ages to use and enjoy. The AC or battery power make sure you’re always ready to entertain.