Analog-To-Digital Transfer

Your analog recordings are not obsolete. National Audio's skilled staff of engineers has developed a high-speed conversion and transfer method to make it possible to convert substantial libraries of analog tape to current digital formats efficiently.

Our staff includes 5 analog-to-digital transfer specialists, and 3 digital mastering specialists, including graduates from Missouri State University, Berklee College of Music, and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Transfers are done at sample rates up to 192xHz. Processing is done on custom-built i5/i7 workstations.

National Audio can transfer open-reel tapes of all speed and tape widths, audio cassettes, vinyl and most other common audio formats. Our services include recovery of valuable audio recordings from open-reel tapes which have become “sticky” from age and from broken audio cassettes.

We have developed a system which enables us to transfer open reel audio recordings at 8X speed, converting all tracks at a single pass. This means a 4-track tape is efficiently transferred at 32:1 compared to real time!

Our technical staff designed and built our custom analog-to-digital equipment and maintains it to the most demanding specifications.

National Audio transfers radio programs, music and instructional libraries, old master recordings and audio books into digital formats. We have been entrusted with converting thousands of irreplaceable analog recordings by governmental, commercial and institutional clients and we look forward to serving you.