History of National Audio Company

National Audio is the largest manufacturer of professional quality audio cassettes in the USA.

Founded in 1969, National Audio grew steadily through its first twelve years, becoming the dominant distributor of both Ampex recording tapes and Fidelipac broadcast cartridges to the professional market. In 1980, audio cassette manufacturing began at our plant in Springfield, Missouri. As the demand for high quality cassettes increased, our production expanded to keep pace.

During the late 1980’s, our “Audio Pro” cassettes became the recognized standard of excellence in the cassette duplication industry. Steadily increasing sales made additional production equipment a necessity. In January, 1989, National Audio moved into a 28,000 square foot facility. In May, 1998, National Audio again expanded into a 135,000 square foot factory.

By early 2005, National Audio observed that most of the major cassette duplicators in this country were investing heavily in CD replication lines and reducing cassette duplication as they devoted space and personnel to CD lines.

Recognizing the on-going demand for audio cassettes for teaching materials, religious programs, high quality music, and books on tape, National Audio expanded its duplication services to fill the needs of the industry. During 2005 and early 2006, we purchased the equipment of several of the USA’s largest duplicators, signed confidentiality agreements with and began production for many more, and increased our customer base.

National Audio’s success is based upon five simple principles:

  • Make the best possible product
  • Meet the customer’s needs
  • Ship orders on time
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Be truthful and courteous with customers

National Audio

  • Has served the professional recording industry for 42 years!
  • Uses only professional grade cassette shells – 700 tons annually!
  • Loads over 44 million feet (8,333 miles) of cassette tape each day!
  • Loads more than 2,125,915 miles of cassette tape each year!
  • Operates 65 cassette loaders!
  • Invented “Pizza Box” style bulk cassette packaging and hub locking system for cartons of 100 cassettes!
  • Employs the latest technology to develop and manufacture the best cassette available!
  • Sold some of the first audio cassettes in the USA!
  • Will be here to manufacture the “last” audiocassette!
  • Is your best source for professional audiocassettes!

The equipment added during 2005-2006 alone would have made National Audio one of the largest duplication facilities ever assembled.

National Audio is dedicated to being a reliable, stable manufacturer of blank and duplicated cassettes for many years to come.

National Audio continues to deliver the best possible products, and we are known for the best customer service in the industry. With a long-term business plan focused on continuing to achieve excellence in every format of audio duplication, National Audio is in it for the long haul.

When it comes to all things audio, National Audio can do it better and faster than anyone else. In fact, we are the largest manufacturer of professional quality audio cassettes in the U.S.A., a medium that has stayed strong through the years and is growing as music fans and recording artists return to true analog sound. In addition, we also sell thousands of blank CDs and DVDs each year, but have recently stopped duplicating discs as a service.

National Audio’s services aren’t limited to cassettes and optical media. We offer analog to digital transfer, helping businesses and individuals preserve data, spoken word, and music. While most companies transfer at a transfer rate of 1-1, National Audio has developed a system that allows transfer at a rate of 32-1 and we can clean up imperfections in the process. NAC also offers flash duplication of books, magazines and other recordings. While National Audio can handle the full production of projects, including layout and design, imprinting, duplication, printing inserts, assembly and shrink wrap; we can also participate in just one or two steps of the process. The company is equipped to handle clients and projects of all sizes.

Whether you need 100 copies or 100,000, we can handle the project. We work with anyone who uses media, and appreciates cost savings and convenience.