Intellectual Property Rights and Audio Manufacturing Agreement

For National Audio Company to duplicate audio or video content, the individual or organization requesting the project must provide proof of ownership or licensing. This form is required for all sources. Letters of indemnity are NOT adequate. Additional documentation may be required.

LICENSED content requires proof of licensing for duplication from the Intellectual Property Rights owner. OWNED content indicates the individual/organization completing this form is the IPR owner of the content.

Intellectual Property Rights and Audio Manufacturing Agreement
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Contact & Project Info

Contact & Project Info

Cassette, Reel-to-Reel, or CD Audio Content


DVD / Flash Content


CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Content


All Tracks License Information

Individual Track License

Individual Track License Information

List the IPR owner of each item below. Attach documentation for license to duplicate each track when submitting this form.
List the IPR owner of each non-owned piece of software, freeware, shareware or other content of this disc. Attach documentation for license to duplicate each item when submitting this form.
Documentation must be provided for each licensed track. Attach documents by clicking the button at the end of this form.

Manufacture Agreement Information

If any third party can claim ownership to any part of this recording, it is necessary for you to get an Audio Manufacture Agreement from that party releasing you to contract for the duplication of this work. Your agreement to the statement below tells NAC that you have done so. Click for more information.

Signature Section


To prevent piracy and to protect the rights of our customers and other artists, National Audio requires that you read and agree to the IPR Agreement and Audio Manufacturing Agreement below to submit a duplication order. These agreements are industry standard and required by Federal Law.

Please read each statement and click AGREE.

IPR Agreement Required *

I affirm that all information provided herein is true and complete and that all album contents indicated as being “licensed” are properly licensed for manufacturing (duplication, replication, and/or printing) under the terms of the license from the Intellectual Property Rights owner(s). Proof of such licensing is attached to this form, or my order will be held until licensing is obtained.
I further declare that I am the intellectual property rights owner for all contents indicated as being "owned" by me. I authorize the duplication of all content owned by or licensed by me. I understand that National Audio Company, Inc. adheres to a strict policy of respecting the Intellectual Property Rights of artists and other rightful owners, and reserves the right to refuse the processing of any order not complying with that policy.
I agree to National Audio Company's terms and conditions, and I certify that I am authorized to sign this agreement. I affirm that my agreement here constitutes an electronic signature and that this signature meets all requirements for an original signature and is legally binding in all respects.

Audio Manufacturing Agreement Required *

I warrant that all necessary licensing and permissions have been obtained for the duplication of this complete project, and will hold National Audio Company harmless in case of any dispute or copyright claims by third parties.
If a third party such as the recording studio, mastering studio, or other entity involved in the production of this recording has claim to any rights to the duplication of its content, an Audio Manufacture Agreement is necessary. The submitor of this form asserts that they have obtained an agreement or that they have the complete ownership and rights to have the recording duplicated.

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