CL12 Cassette Laser Labels 100 Sheets/1200 Labels

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Laser-style Labels White on 8.5×11 sheets, $16.00 per pack or $15.00 each when you buy 10 packs or more.

Corners are all 1/16-inch radius and do not fit some cassettes that have beveled corners on the label panel. Use any design or word processing software by placing the PDF template as a guide. The Adobe Illustrator PDF can be used directly in Illustrator. This uncoated stock will work with some inkjet printers that do not require a large margin. If a lead margin larger than 3/8 inch is required, see 50200 “Kiss cut” labels. Self adhesive labels for cassette tapes. CL12 labels provide a little space between labels for full-bleed designs.

Design Templates: Click on links below to open in a new browser window.

NAC_CassetteLabel_THUMB  NAC_CL12_CassetteLabel_Template.pdf

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Weight 2.60 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 10 in