Black C256 Tabs-In Audio Cassette (Carton of 100)

Black C256 Tabs-In Audio Cassette (Carton of 100)

Loaded with FerroMaster C256™ high performance Type-1 music grade tape.

Choose any play time from 1 to 90 minutes.

100 Cassettes per carton.

Starting at $116.00 per Carton

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FerroMaster C256™ requires no change in bias or equalization when compared to premium music tapes you have used before. This is the “classic” you remember!

FerroMaster C256™ meets or exceeds all IEC type I specifications and features a signal-to-noise ratio (head room) far surpassing any other ferric cassette tape, providing deep, mellow bass, warm mid-range, and crystal clear high frequencies. It delivers the high output and frequency response demanded by today’s music industry.

FerroMaster C256™ can be recorded/duplicated on any equipment currently biased for type I tape and will almost certainly deliver higher output than any other normal bias tape, whether recorded on real-time decks or high-speed open-reel duplicators.

The length of the tape refers to the total recordable time on both sides of the tape. For instance, a C-64 cassette has 32 minutes of recording time on each side.

Note: We try to represent the color of our shells as accurately as possible, but due to screen variances and printer differences, the color of shells you receive may not look exactly the same as what you see online. If you need to be sure of the exact color of a shell, contact us to have a sample shipped to you.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 3 in