FerroMaster C256™ Type 1 60 Minute Cassette [30 Min/Side] 10 PACK

FerroMaster C256™ Type 1 60 Minute Cassette [30 Min/Side] 10 PACK

• Smooth-running cassette housing
• Imprinted tape, traditional J-card and identification label in box
• Clear Norelco-style box
• Individually cello-wrapped with tear strip
• Packed in protective 10-pack box
• 10-pack box shrink-wrapped to prevent contamination.
8 retail boxes (or 80 individual tapes) per master carton



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FerroMaster C256™ is manufactured in the U.S.A. by National Audio Company, Inc. It meets or exceeds all IEC type I specifications, and delivers the high output and frequency response demanded by today’s music industry. This tape is a high-grade ferric tape that features a signal-to-noise ratio (head room) far surpassing any other ferric cassette tape while providing deep, mellow bass, warm mid-range, and crystal clear high frequencies. It is designed to be recorded at very high levels.

FerroMaster C256™ can be successfully recorded/duplicated on any equipment currently biased for type I tape and will almost certainly deliver higher output than any other normal bias tape whether recorded on real-time decks or high-speed open-reel duplicators. It is compatible with preset normal bias record and EQ in most cassette decks.

Tapes come 10 per carton, pre-packaged in Norelco-style plastic boxes.
$34.90 per pack of 10 tapes.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 7 in